Eponymous Blausen Medical Launches “BlausenIt” Medical Web Browser

Blausen Medical just launched “BlausenIt,” their free Chrome browser app that can scan online text in any publication or document and immediately link the user to relevant Blausen award-winning 3D animations. See it in action http://bit.ly/Q1r6V5 . Whether for professionals, students or general consumers, medical/healthcare education will never be the same.

Bruce Blausen, Founder and CEO, for over twenty years has adhered to a singular brand focus….his name! The name “Blausen” has been single-mindedly applied to all Blausen offerings, from web portal licensed content to apps for mobile smartphones and tablets. And now, with this latest healthcare education breakthrough continues on that course. Branding is all about focused consistency and Blausen Medical Communications does it very well http://Blausen.com .

(Blogger Note: I have worked closely with Blausen Medical for several years and respect the industry-leading quality of their content, as well as their commitment to industry-leading marketing and branding.)

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