Polaroid just may be resurrecting their brand.

The Polaroid Fotobar Store

The Polaroid Fotobar Store

Cruising through the latest news from the ongoing 2013 Consumer Electronics Show, or CES for you non-geekies, I came upon the Techlicious 2013 Best of CES Awards on their blog. And cruising a bit further I came upon this new retail offering from Polaroid, the Polaroid Fotorbar concept (shown here on the left).

It’s a pretty cool idea, as it fills the void between just sending your digital images around the web (which almost all of us can sort of do) and seriously manipulating them and applying them in applications that are non-digital in nature; think a lampshade…ok, not a lampshade but a giant wall poster or complex art form you just invent, you creative devil you!

Polaroid plans to open ten of these “stores” (I guess that’s what you’d call them) in 2013, with the first in Delray Beach/Palm Beach , Florida, come February.

Polaroid as almost anyone knows, yes “anyone” young or older, was the company that invented instant photography (well, actually it took about 60 seconds). They swept the market, made a ton of money and then went to sleep as digital photography snuck up and mugged them. Then followed bankruptcy….TWICE…and the company and brand almost disappeared.

But now they may become relevant (and successful) again. That’s what makes this new Fotobar retail concept so cool. Talk about leveraging their brand against compelling areas of opportunity. First off, the Fotorbar offering is taking your digital photos BEYOND a screen….putting them on something and having them live on after you press “delete.”

Secondly, this concept may well expand Polaroid’s brand and interest in same among that older audience that may have actually known (and forgot) about them. Sure, the young folk are all digital and some play with these shots now, but the older gang is mostly limited to shooting their pics, showing their friends on their phones and/or downloading to a “Family Reunion” folder on their laptops or tablets. Now, they can be encouraged and get in person help to do lots more with them in a store (or kiosk perhaps) near them…why do you think the first Fotobar is in senior-stocked South Florida?

It’s always hard to predict with certainty new idea market success, but this one’s got the look of a winner. Perhaps, Polaroid as a brand will ride again…after a 40 year hiatus!


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