My favorite coffee shop (and coffee shop brand) in Bangkok…Mascotte The Coffee Corner

I don’t hang out in Starbucks or any other Bangkok cooffee shops, as I really don’t think their coffee and general “branding ambience”  is worth the high altitude prices they ask for their cups.

Mascotte The Coffee Corner

Mascotte The Coffee Corner

There is one (and, yes, there is only ONE at this time) that can get me to part with my hard earned baht for a latte or cappuccino, and that is Mascotte The Coffee Corner. The owner, a Dutchman named Martien Vlemmix, has truly created a unique little oasis of Dutch “coffeeness” with a retro jazz theme right here in Southeast Asia on Charoennakorn Road Soi 15/1 . Throw in an electic menu of breakfast through dinner Dutch and Thai specialties, background jazz music and vocals from the 30’s up to Dave Brubeck in the 60’s all reinforced with floor to ceiling photos of jazz greats  and you have a truly unique “branding ambience.” And that makes me for one, willing to stop, order and savor in a place that has gone over and above making itself different and special. My-Dutch-Grandmother CHOCOh, and did I mention my most favorite thing about the “Corner” aside from the creativeness and effort that has gone into making it more than just a “coffee shop?” It’s their My Dutch Grandmother’s brand hot chocolate, prepared according to what Martien swears is his grandmother’s original recipe that he enjoyed as a boy growing up in Holland. He says it’s legit, but that doesn’t matter to me. It’s delicious, so when I’ve maxed out on his lattes, I can shift easily to a hot chocolate and enjoy the sounds, the faces on the walls, great food if I’m hungry and feel that I’m having a special experience….not just a Starbucks corporate moment. It’s different. It’s special. You should try it….Mascotte The Coffee Corner.

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