Is Apple’s iPhone brand losing its freshness? Part II

I posted here on September 18, expressing some disappointment, innovation-wise, with the Apple launch of its 5S and 5C phones.  Just didn’t seem to be the “usual” degree of Apple creativity and forward thinking (as in colored skins on the 5C…duh! how positively Samsung-like).

Well lo and behold, as reported in PC Magazine seems the boys (and girls) in Cupertino are significantly reducing 4th Quarter order quantities for the iPhone 5C (that’s the rainbow option cheapie option). And, yes, the upscale, 5S is still going strong with orders unchanged, but don’t you think that Apple may have stepped too far out on the high dive, with the 5C low-innovation play?

We’ll have to watch and learn as the next 12 months unfold, but I’ll stick with my earlier conjecture that leading edge innovation and user emotional love is what the Apple brand is all about. It’s not about a bargain basement “entry level” priced device that comes in colors and actually serves in what might be called a “line flanker”.

Maybe, at least as far as the phones go, the Apple brand is starting to lose its freshness.

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