True Visions/ASN Amateur Hour in Thailand Super Bowl Telecast

20090610124436!TrueVisions_2009LogoThailand’s leading cable satellite television operator, True Visions, carrying the ASN Super Bowl  telecast, really came off as almost amateurish today.

ASN_logoThe ASN side of actually PRODUCING and BROADCASTING the game itself was almost flawless. However, while the True Visions PRESENTING of the game content over their cable system was good, the commercial TRAFFICKING throughout was bizarre and extremely distracting (and followed a pattern True Visions/ASN have                                                      used in all of the telecasts of the U.S. professional football                                                    games this year).

You see, True Vision and, apparently ASN at least in SE Asia, have been co-opted by the “greenie” advocacy group,  Asia-Pacific Media Alliance for Social Awareness Ltd  and convinced to help spread their “green” and “sustainable” gospel far and wide.

Ok, I get it…an effort truly worthy of Al Gore. I’ll throw my trash in approved containers.

HOWEVER, the way  True Vision/ASN chose to support their partnership was by trafficking some “REDRAWTHELINE.ORG” commercials throughout their approximately three hour game telecast. Excuse me, did I say “some”? No, make that 22 :30 commercials, and I ran for the exits with two minutes left to play.

Now maybe if the green advocates had more than one commercial to run this wouldn’t have been so stultifying, but they evidently don’t, so over and over and over again I saw their warning message about “climate change” (a supposed phenomenon that, contrary to Leftist media and politicians around the world, does not command a scientific consensus).

Wow! Fourteen times in the game’s first half, and yes….there were several for Paribas and one for Ford, but that was small relief from the warning of climate threat coming to end all our lives.

But don’t worry. In case I forgot the warning message and was willing to drive too fast (wasting petrol) or not use the right kind of light bulbs (just generally wasting energy) or engage in any other contra-sustainable behaviors, the boys and girls at Asia-Pacific Media Alliance for Social Awareness Ltd were ready for me in the second half with True Visions and ASN help. At least eight more commercials were coming in the last 30 minutes of the game, getting us to a total of 22 before the 2:00 warning (remember, I surrendered and accepted defeat without watching the last 120 seconds). MAKE IT STOP, LORD!

However, you slice it…while the actual Super Bowl was at least OK in this fan’s eyes, the one-sided commercial tsunami was truly amateur hour and in some small way distracted from what is supposed to be a global media event. Oh well, maybe next year there will be “real” advertisers in the Thailand telecast of the BIG GAME, running a manageable number and/or mix of commercials.

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