Powerful Emotional Branding Really Melted My Butter


We all know that insurance companies regularly employ emotional messages in their advertising, e.g. fear, love, etc., but a recent long form (3:01) television commercial for Thai Life Insurance Company here in Bangkok does so with true mastery. The net takeaway, in my view, is do something for others that makes YOU feel good … and it will BE good and make a difference for everyone.

The commercial’s only company ID is at the very end, using a simple title slate. Of course, their name is pretty easy for a Thai to remember. Obviously, many other considerations go into one’s considered purchase of life insurance, but a primary determinant is how one feels about the company underwriting it. I believe anyone that watches this commercial feels better, more hopeful about themselves, and in that emotional context pretty good about the company that brought it to them.

Go ahead, watch it again. Aside from selling insurance, there’s something in there we can all use.

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