Entrpreneurism is alive and well in Bangkok

LM2_productsLuukmayLogoEntrepreneurism is everywhere here in Thailand. Thais are some of the most business-focused people I’ve come across, with seemingly everyone wanting to have their own business. Doesn’t matter if it’s a small food shop streetside or ambitions for an international conglomerate, they all want to have “a business.”

In just the last couple weeks my 18 year old stepdaughter, Chalisa, started her own handmade fashion accessories business, selling online via her Facebook page and strong WOM (that’s Word of Mouth” for you marketing old school players!) on her VERY active online LINE chat platforms. She quickly expanded her customer base beyond her teenage friends, and with strategic referrals from “Mom,” now is beginning to get orders from “adults” who seem to appreciate not only the unique workmanship and styling, but also what is very reasonable pricing for these casual fashion accessories.

The company name is “LM2” (logo above). It is her nickname, “LuukMay,” abbreviated. Right now Chalisa is concentrating on bracelets and necklaces. Her prices are extremely affordable: bracelets for 50 baht (about $1.60 USD) and 80 baht for the necklaces ( $2.35 USD). Almost all are delivered by in-country post which is very reasonable in Thailand and paid for by the buyer.

Chalisa will be going to University later this summer, so don’t know where this venture may go, but it’s a nice example of Thai (and her) initiative and that ever-burning desire among Thais to have their own business.

Now if she’ll only get a slogan or U.S.P. for her brand …ooops, forgive me. That’s just this branding-centric blogger talking.

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