Humans Getting Dumber; Animals Smarter … Uh Oh.

OK, OK, I know. Just last week I posted that “some” experts were positing that we humans were getting dumber…who knows, maybe too many Jim Carrey movies?

Well this week….wait for it …now some people are theorizing that animals are actually SMARTER than we thought they were.This of course is conjecture, since aside from a certain Eddy Murphy movie, the animals aren’t telling us OR even talking, for that matter.


According to a new book coming out from Time Publishing’s arm, “The Animal Mind,” the more deeply scientists look into the animal mind, the more they’re discovering it to be a place of richness, joy, thought and even nuance.

Now you might think that this is patently absurd. However, IF you accept, as I referenced last week, that in developed countries human IQ’s are and have been declining for some time. And then accept my theory that the reason for human IQ loss was because of overdependence on and overuse of mobile digital devices, and reduced “book reading”, it becomes a little more believable that animals are “smarter” than we think. After all, when’s the last time you saw a dog or cat checking their mobile for messages?

And looking at the above header of my blog, I see squirrels know how to get into a nut jar. Who knows what else animals are thinking and know about? Uh Oh.





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