A Bit About Me

Throughout my career I have built, repaired and discovered brands for international and country-leading  B2B and B2C brand  marketing companies, as well as SME’s and start-ups. By using BrandLeverage, I have helped build businesses in the petroleum and energy, IT, tourism/travel, real estate,  medical/healthcare, retail and other categories.

Most people say very nice things about my work.

eRealty.com  Russ Capper  Founder & CEO … “Mike led the agency team that helped us develop the branding strategy and the marketing communications launch plan for eRealty.com, what was the first web-based real estate brokerage. He brought a lot to the marketing tasks at hand and was a significant contributor to our ultimate market success.”

Europcar International Christian Gayet Vice President Marketing … “When it came to developing the marketing support for the Europcar expansion initiative into the United States, Mike was our key man on the agency team. He proved to be a real expert. He understood the strengths inside our brand and demonstrated a real skill in using them to maximum affect in all our advertising and promotion activities.”

Texaco/Caltex Chuck Pflueger  Director Brand Management … “Mike and I worked together on a variety of B2B and B2C projects. I am always impressed with his grasp of a brand’s ultimate power when fully utilized. Whether it was reinvigorating the Texaco Havoline Motor oil franchise in the United States, expanding it internationally into Texaco/Caltex geographies or using it to great effect in our motorsports activities, Mike continually delivered effective solutions, capitalizing on the brand and achieving (or exceeding) objectives.”

Mascotte (Thailand) Martien Vlemmix  Managing Director … We hired Mike to assist us in developing a Mascotte brand extension into Food & Beverage retailing. He helped refine the brand’s core definition and developed multiple contributions to our marketing plans. He knows this area very well and gave us strong ideas to improve our execution, from signage to menu to promotions and more. Mike is a pleasure to work with and we will do so again, when the opportunity arises. I recommend him absolutely.”

If you would like to know more about my experience, check out my LinkedIn  Profile http://th.linkedin.com/in/mikehensgen .

Or email: mike@SMEbrandleverage.com

2 thoughts on “A Bit About Me

  1. Mike did a very good jobs for us. As manager Mascotte Thailand I did ask Mike to do 2 jobs for us.
    Very well done and good to talk with him about the problems to be solved.
    For export from Thailand to nearby countries a very good report is made . Ready to do the next step when AFTA will open.
    Thanks Mike,
    Martien Vlemmix
    Display International ( Thailand) Co.LTD


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