Leveraging Tools

Teasing out the rational and emotional components of a brand, and blending them to provide the most powerful marketing leverage, is not brain surgery … of course, it helps to have a brain.

Sometimes the most productive course is just to have an extended “brand conversation” with company personnel, gathering category and competitive information and squaring that with what is known (or assumed) about the product or service at hand.

On the other hand, I have several proven methods that have regularly  yielded successful results for generating the necessary information and, most importantly, INSIGHTS to guide accomplishment of the task(s) at hand.

While recognizing  there is no “one size fits all” way to win the BrandLeverage wars, below are just some ways you can join and win the fight:

•BrandLeverage Identification — Interrogate your brand to discover the rational and emotional components it can have. Distill  and apply the findings to make the most powerful brand possible, one that has appeal that goes beyond its specifications and pricing. Possible applications: Marketing communications, sales presentations and materials, CRM focus and conduct, etc.
•Application Audit — Review current and planned marketing activities to insure they’re in line with understood leverage points. This method will usually identify specific  tactics that can be dramatically strengthened with modest adjustments that take advantage of identified leverage.  Possible applications: Annual marketing and sales plans, special promotions, social media, etc.
•Competitive Branding Benchmarking — Profile competitor brand positions; bench them against developed brand marketing applications; identify areas of opportunity and weakness to address.  Possible applications:  New business/markets planning, defensive marketing programs, etc.
•Supercharge Marketing Tactics — With an eye to where your BrandLeverage is, play a “what if” game to see where and how to apply it to  existing/planned programs for maximum effect in line with objectives.

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